Best Mattresses for People Who Sleep Hot

Many sleepers suffer from sleeping hot at night. This can be frustrating as it affects our sleep and can result to waking up tired and in a bad mood. There are many factors that can impact your sleep temperature and these factors also affect the kind of mattress you’re sleeping on. If you’re complaining about sleeping hot whenever you sleep on your mattress and you want to buy a new one, there are some things you need to learn about to find the best mattress for you.

Thankfully, there are a number of mattresses available these days that have cooling features. Aside from the mattress, the sheets, the mattress protector, and even the bed foundation can affect how cool or warm you feel as you sleep.

If you’re one of the many sleepers who sleep hot at night, this guide is for you. Because you sweat and toss around while trying to sleep, you need above average cooling with the help of your mattress – without the need to turn on your AC or fan.

Why Do You Sleep Hot?

As mentioned, there are factors that make your bed feel hot or cold. You need to have at least neutral temperature to help you sleep comfortably. But most people prefer sleeping cool – not cold. Among the reasons why temperature is too high (or low) are the following:

– Mattress composition

– Your room temperature

– Your bedding

– The climate at your place

– Your age

– Your weight

– Your metabolism

Your preferences can also tell you whether you’ll have a hot or cold sleep experience. This means that a person can feel hot, while the other is comfortable with the temperature. This can be problematic if you’re sharing your bed with your partner. It is also important that the product you choose is breathable and has heat retention properties. Mattresses aren’t created the same, so some mattresses have better airflow and breathability than others.

Additionally, the firmness of your mattress can also affect the temperature of how you sleep. If you have a softer mattress, you will sink into it. As a result, airflow around your body is restricted and this can make you feel hot due to greater potential in trapping heat. In contrast, your firm mattress may help you sleep cooler because there’s better airflow as you sleep on top of it. However, there are firm mattresses that excessively conform to the body and therefore, they trap heat more than normal.

Materials with Great Cooling Capabilities

When it comes to determining which mattress to choose, one factor that has a huge effect on your decision is the type of materials used. The important thing to remember here is that cool feeling you can get from your mattress all depends on how well the material used enhances the capability of the mattress to breathe. Breathability refers to how air moves in and out of the material and the mattress itself.

An example is with a traditional spring coil, which has excellent breathability for the reason that coils are generally very thin. Most are even wrapped with a thin fabric or foam, but air is able to flow in and out of these coils. Meanwhile, memory foam isn’t as breathable as spring coil mattresses because memory foam is much thicker, so it prevents the air from circulating around the mattress.

Aside from breathability, another thing to consider is the materials’ ability to conduct and retain heat, which are both very important in deciding which mattress will help you sleep cool. Steel coil mattresses are not good at absorbing the heat of the body and they are actually even worse when it comes to heat retention. On the other hand, memory foam does a good job at soaking up the heat coming from the body of the sleeper and is able to retain it. As a result, you feel a little warmer and softer at night.

If sleeping hot is a real big problem for you, here is a rundown of the materials used in mattresses and how they can affect your sleeping experience:

Materials Description
Coils Traditional mattress types are actually helpful in keeping the sleeper cool, thanks to their use of springs or coils. There are one or more layers of these materials to provide bounce and comfort for the sleeper. Bear in mind though that a lot of coil mattresses these days also use foam, such as memory foam or polyfoam. Such foams are usually quilted in the mattress covers and there are many companies that don’t disclose this trait.
Latex Foam One good thing about latex is that it is not a heat conductor, so it will not change how it feels like whether your room is hot or cold. You will also find many latex mattresses that have aerated layers of latex foam, which actually improves airflow between the mattresses. This makes latex mattresses a good option for people who sleep hot.

If you’re going for a latex mattress, it is ideal that you choose 100% natural latex. Many mattresses that use blended or synthetic materials don’t really share the same quality, but are actually similar to polyfoam. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should stay away from synthetic latex because there are still some products that can help you sleep cool.

Gel Infused and Other Materials As you shop for a new mattress, you will encounter lots of terms, such as gel, graphite, and copper infused among others. These are actually quite popular and they can even help regulate the temperature of the mattress. Although this is the case, don’t rely on the gels or the other materials used as you choose your mattress. It is important that you understand how these materials work. For instance, gel is similar to water as it can absorb heat before it changes its own temperature. This means that gels have a maximum level of heat it can tolerate before it starts to affect the mattress. As much as possible, go for mattresses that are completely infused with these materials rather than going for those that are simply swirls or beads – unless they have other cooling features.
Foam (Polyurethane and memory foam) It always helps if you know your terminologies as you shop for a mattress. If you’re searching for foam mattresses, you will find choices that have memory foam or polyurethane foam (polyfoam). Memory foam or visco-elastic memory foam is a kind of polyurethane foam that has visco-elastic properties, meaning it is viscous and elastic when subjected to pressure. In simple terms, they don’t respond quickly when there is pressure and therefore this results to hug and contour around the sleepers.

Meanwhile, polyfoam is just like memory foam, but are not visco-elastic. They respond quickly whenever there is pressure and the hug and contour are not as dramatic as memory foam.  If a foam mattress is your choice, make sure you know what type of foam is used, so you can determine whether it will contribute to you sleeping hot or not.

The table above only serves as a guide. Remember that the materials aren’t the only factor that affects the cooling effect of the mattress.

Which Mattress Type is the Best for Hot Sleepers?

With the table above, you will probably rush to buying a coil or spring mattress – or a latex mattress. While it is true that the materials used in the mattress affects its cool or hot feeling, it is important to understand that there are other materials and features that work together to either improve cooling or aggravate the heat problem. For instance, memory foam has always been associated with trapped heat, but there are a lot of good memory foam mattresses whose users don’t complain about sleeping hot. This is because they have materials that work together to create a comfortable sleeping surface that enables air to flow freely throughout the mattress.

But which mattress type should you really go for? Let’s take a look:

1. Latex: This type of mattress doesn’t really get a lot of heat complaints. However, this doesn’t mean it is the type of mattress to go for. It still depends on the type of material used and the bed composition. Mattresses using natural latex actually sleep cooler than those that use synthetic latex. There are also latex mattresses that have thick layers of traditional foam on top and this can cause the sleeper to feel hot at night. If you’re going for latex, choose one with pinholes all over the mattress as this performs better when it comes to breathability. An alternative is to go for latex mattresses that have breathable covers, such as wool or cotton.

2. Memory Foam: There are a lot of people who complain about sleeping hot with their memory foam mattress. But this actually depends on the brand and the type of memory foam used in the mattress. Basic memory foam is more temperature-sensitive, which means that if it is in a room with high temperature, it becomes hot. High density foam will also cause the sleeper to feel hot at night. However, there are memory foam mattresses that are infused with cooling materials, such as gels, which help lower temperature. Plant-based memory foam is more effective in keeping the mattress cool and this has been proven by science.

3. Coil or Innerspring: As mentioned, spring mattresses allow the sleeper to enjoy a cool sleep surface. But there are other types of spring mattresses that also have heat retention problems, especially those with comfort layers that are thick as well as those that use very thick memory foam layers.

Waterbeds are worth mentioning as users don’t complain about sleeping hot on it. As a matter of fact, the problem with it is that it can feel very cold, which you can solve with a heater.

Inspecting the Best Design for Your Mattress if You Sleep Hot at Night

There are companies that really understand the importance of sleeping cool for many customers, so they take the design of their mattresses to a whole new level. They aim to further improve the capability of their products when it comes to breathability. These companies make use of exceptional machines that allow them to cut, mold, or compress foam into something that really enhances airflow.

Mattresses designed with airflow in mind use varying techniques, such as:

– Punching holes (aerated) within the top layer of the foam

– Creating more pronounced and deeper air channels in the foam

– Cutting air channels within the foam’s top layer

Mattresses that don’t breathe are the most problematic, which is why mattress makers with sleeping cool in mind make sure that there’s a place for air to flow throughout the mattress as you can see from the ones listed above. There are holes or air channels for air to move in and out and that beats even those that use cooling gel beads and whatnot. This is because such materials are completely solid; other times they do have airways, but they tend to be very small and this results to little ventilation.

Mattress Covers and the Cooling Connection

Believe it or not, the cover of the mattress also affects the temperature of your sleep. Unfortunately, this is what many consumers overlook as they search for their new mattress. The key to sleeping cool is to find a cover that is thin or with less material as this promotes better cooling. There’s enhanced airflow with this kind of mattress cover. Note though that the cover is as cool as the layers of coil or the foam below it. However, there are rare cases in which the cover isn’t affected by those underneath it. There are two main types of covers:

1. Quilted Covers: This type of cover is quite popular mainly because of its standard look and feel. However, because it has materials quilted in the cover, more heat is created. Materials, such as low density polyfoam or memory foam are quilted, but this just means more material surrounds your body.

2. Non-Quilted Covers: This type is much thinner and if you sleep hot, this is what you should look for in your mattress. Thin covers or non-quilted covers are widely used by online mattresses. Plus, they help make the mattress become less expensive and they are also breathable – simply because they have less material. As a result, there isn’t a lot that hinders air to circulate in the mattress, ultimately giving you a better cooling experience.

There are also phase change materials (PCM) that works through absorbing the heat of the sleeper’s body, then releases it to meet a certain temperature. This sounds too good to be true, but some mattress companies offer this feature, so you don’t sleep too hot or too cold.

Aside from the covers, there are also some materials that can improve breathability and cooling. One example is Celliant, which will be discussed later. This is a type of fiber that’s thermo-reactive and can turn the heat of the body into infrared light.

Do Sinkage and Softness Affect Mattress Cooling?

We have mentioned that if the mattress is wrapping around your body, this can cause you to feel warmer – simply due to the fact that your body is in contact with more fabric and foam. A good rule of thumb is to go for a firmer mattress since a softer mattress can lead to more hug and more sinkage. But there’s good news for people who are more comfortable with soft mattresses. You can find one that is also cool, but you may have to shell out more money compared to simply going for a firmer mattress. This is because you will need to find a good combination of softness with great cooling features, so you don’t have to worry about sleeping hot at night.

Top 3 Mattresses for Cool and Comfy Sleeping

Shopping for a new mattress is really tough, but we can help you simplify your search. Here are the top three mattresses with the best cooling features, so you can sleep comfortably:

1. Amerisleep

This company has a well-liked line of mattresses featuring memory foam. Amerisleep has many great qualities, which is why they are quite popular among many consumers. One is that they put extra effort, time, and care when it comes to the construction of their mattresses. As a result, they produce quality mattresses with features that enable them to stand out in the very crowded market of mattresses.

There are varying Amerisleep mattress lines to cater to different types of users and here are the best choices for people who sleep hot:

Colonial: If you’re mainly a side sleeper, this is a good choice for your new mattress. Colonial possesses extra features, so you really sleep cool.

Liberty: The Liberty mattress is designed for all types of sleepers. It is very affordable and is among the most popular memory foam models around.

Revere: If Colonial is not for you, the Revere mattress is a good substitute, particularly because it is constructed with back and stomach sleepers in mind.

What Makes Amerisleep Our Top Choice

Amerisleep makes mattresses that are a cut above the rest. To get to know more about the mattresses mentioned above, here are the common themes across the company’s mattresses:

Celliant Cover: Celliant has been proven by numerous studies to have certain health benefits. Top universities, such as Texas A&M University, Irvine, and the University of California put the fabric to many trials. Evidence shows that Celliant may be able to increase levels of oxygen in the body which can aid in faster healing, help relieve pain while increasing comfort, and better body temperature regulation.

Foams that are Bio-Based: Other companies choose to have foams that are 100% petroleum-based. Amerisleep, on the other hand, uses bio-based foams, which makes the company green, resulting to a cooler sleeping surface.

Responsiveness: This is a common problem when it comes to memory foam mattresses, but Amerisleep promises to be more responsive, especially when compared to other mattresses. Softer Amerisleep mattresses may have more hug, but the foam returns to its normal shape very quickly. This gives you more comfort and even a cool feeling as you sleep.

Unique Process of Manufacturing: Amerisleep is a one of a kind company with closed air and greener way of manufacturing their mattresses. Additionally, this process makes the foams more durable.

Sleep cool with the help of Celliant in the mattress covers, plus the bio-based foams .It’s undeniable that Amerisleep does a great job at catering to different types of sleepers, including those who sleep hot.

2. GhostBed

This mattress is kind of similar to other mattresses, particularly those other bed-in-the box ones. GhostBed offers good characteristics that will help you sleep comfortably and stay cool at night. Note though that it is not really for everyone, but you will like GhostBed mattresses if:

You want to buy a mattress online. The mattress is manufactured by Nature’s Sleep, which is a reputable company. You can buy GhostBed online if you’re looking for this kind of convenience.

You don’t have a favorite sleeping position. Whether you’re a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or a side sleeper, GhostBed can give you the support your body needs.

You’re looking for a mattress that can help you sleep cool. GhostBed is a foam mattress, but the top layer is made up of latex. This material, latex, is known for keeping the sleeping surface cool.

But if you sleep on your side or your stomach exclusively, you may not like GhostBed that much. If you’re looking for a more versatile mattress, Amerisleep is a better choice. Because you have one preference for your sleep position, you will probably find GhostBed lacking in firmness or softness. GhostBed may also not be for you if this is the first time you’re trying memory foam. Some people are used to spring mattresses and the transition may be too drastic for you.

GhostBed bounces back quickly, compared to other foam mattresses. This is partly due to the latex on the top layer. This is helpful for people who don’t want to feel stuck when they sleep on the mattress. It is a little bit firm for most people with a seven out of 10 firmness (where 10 is the firmest). At the moment, there are no other firmness options for GhostBed mattresses, so you may want to look at other choices if you want something that’s very soft or very firm.

Other features include:

Cover made of viscose and polyester: The stretchable fabric feels really good and is also very easy to clean.

Latex top layer: The top layer measures 1.5 inches and offers more bounce than a comfort layer that consists of memory foam. This is also the layer that protects the sleeper from unnecessary warmth.

Gel memory foam: After the latex foam, you will find two inches of gel memory foam that gives great support and contouring for the body of the sleeper. Additionally, because of the gel in the memory foam, you will not sleep hot at all.

Core foam: For the base layer, there’s 7.5 inches to provide support for the mattress.

If you don’t like the mattress and you think it’s not suitable for you, you can return it within 101 nights.

3. Saatva

We have memory foam in this list, then latex over foam, and here’s Saatva: an innerspring mattress. Saatva is a good option for those who don’t want to switch from their traditional bed to memory foam or any other type of mattress. This mattress boasts a smart construction, nice bounce, good price, and comfortable sleep experience.

Saatva is available for purchase online. It has good value and can even compete with other mainstream brands that sell innerspring mattresses, such as Stearns and Foster and Simmons. Since you’re on the market for a solution to your problem of sleeping hot, Saatva will never give you this kind of frustration. Additionally, the support the mattress provides as well as its construction will give you plenty of reasons to choose it.

Just like Amerisleep, Saatva is greener than most companies. They have bio-based foams as well as they use recycled steel to help protect the environment. If you’re looking for a softer mattress, you may want to try Amerisleep’s memory foam since Saatva is on the firmer side. But there’s the plush soft feel from Saatva that you may want to look into as well.

Here are the top features you can expect from the Saatva mattress:

1. The bottom layer is comprised of steel coils, which work as the support base. The steel coils have an hourglass shaped and provide great support for the whole mattress.

2. The layer on top of the foundation has the contour coils that are individually wrapped with foam. This wrapping is designed as such to contour to the body of the sleeper, while minimizing motion transfer.

3. The next layer is for the edge support system of the mattress and aims to improve comfort. Of course, the main job of this layer is to provide exceptional edge support for the mattress.

4. Before the cover, there’s a memory foam layer just right on top of the edge support system. The thin layer of memory foam provides more protection against back pain, while preventing heat retention problems and excessive body hug.

5. Finally, there’s the cover that’s made of organic cotton, so it is soft and breathable. It also has a Euro-style pillow top for even more softness.

These three mattresses are the most recommended mattresses if you’re on the market for one that can help you sleep cool, especially during warmer nights.

Other Ways to Help You Sleep Cool

If you already have a good mattress or you’re still waiting to fit mattress shopping to your budget, there are some methods that can help guarantee a cool night’s sleep for you. If your bed is too uncomfortable at night because it always gets hot, here are some things you can do:

Use sheets that are made of bamboo or 100% cotton. These materials are excellent choices, especially during hot summer nights because of their ability to breathe and wick moisture.

Your cover should be lightweight. Obviously, thicker covers can keep you warm at night.

Go for natural fibers, which are breathable. Polyester as well as other synthetics can trap heat, so they are not ideal for people who sleep hot.

Don’t cover a part of your body, which will encourage the blood to circulate better and this will help cool the other parts of the body.

Of course, cracking open a window, using the AC or fan, and similar techniques are also some of the things you can do to keep you cool at night. To summarize, your mattress choice should be a little firmer, especially if it is a foam mattress. However, if it is a memory foam mattress, go for one that is known to have cooling properties. Plant-based memory foam mattress, such as Amerisleep, will allow you to sleep cooler at night. Innerspring and latex mattresses are also great options.

There are times though when your preference fluctuates. In other words, there will be nights when you would feel too cold and there are nights when it is too hot. You already know what you should do if you sleep hot, but here are smart ways that can keep your bed not too cold and not too hot:

Go for natural wool mattress pads, which are also available in toppers or covers. These products are useful in keeping you cool in the summer. At the same time, it is effective in wicking away moisture and keeping you warm during the very cold winter months.

Another option is to use natural silk, which actually has the ability to balance temperature and gets rid of extra moisture.

A couple bedding layers, such as a lighter blanket or a thicker top cover, can also be used. If you get too warm, just remove the thicker layer, which saves you the time and effort to remake the entire bed.

Depending on your requirements as well as your budget – and even your mattress – you have a lot of options for bedding accessories that can help you sleep cool. Other accessories you can try are mattress pads, cooling sheets (such as those made from performance polyester), mattress protectors that are also cool to the touch, and a latex pillow that fights heat retention.

Sleep research is still evolving and consumers are gaining a better understanding regarding factors that affect our comfort at night. Hopefully this guide helped you make a smart decision as to which mattress to buy to solve heat problems that interferes with your peaceful sleep.