Hassle-Free Shopping: Top Mattresses You Can Buy Online

When we shop for a mattress in a brick and mortar store, it can be one of the most confusing and intimidating experiences we could ever have in our lives. It’s also inconvenient and awkward as we have to allocate time and effort to go to the store and check the mattress options out. Plus, we can’t just rely on our eyes, so we can make the best judgment. Most of us would have to lie down on the mattress to feel if it is the right choice – and we have to do that with the sales clerk next to us. Not to mention that other people would haggle with the salesperson if the mattress is overpriced. Then, the delivery guy would show up weeks later, so we still end up waiting.

That is the traditional way of buying a mattress. But surprisingly, direct to consumer space has flourished in the mattress world. It does lack salesmen and some people may not be comfortable with this idea. However, online mattress shopping has evolved and now purchasing a new mattress online has become much easier.

Shopping for a Mattress Online

Most of us find it very simple to order just about anything online. But quite frankly, many people will agree that buying a mattress doesn’t seem like the standard way of doing things. One reason is that the mattresses are huge and they are definitely difficult to ship. Additionally, they are quite expensive, especially when compared to other things we buy over the Internet, such as clothes and shoes. More importantly, mattresses are among the rare things you would buy before you try them. We want to make sure that we will be comfortable when we lie down on our mattress, but with online buying, this is certainly impossible.

Mattresses are different from one another and one thing we have to remember is that our sleep is very important, particularly for our health. This is why choosing the right mattress can make a big difference when it comes to how well we sleep at night. When buying the “best mattress,” most of us assume that the ONLY way to buy is through a retailer location. It is irrefutable that buying at stores has its perks, including the fact that consumers can test the mattress. There’s also the possibility that buyers can grab some in-house deals, allowing them to save. But shopping online for a new mattress means there’s no middleman and it can even help save time. There are many people who are worried about not yielding satisfactory results, particularly when compared to visiting a mattress showroom.

Buying a mattress online actually offers great convenience and believe it or not, it can save a lot of money. You also have plenty of more time to do your research and if done right, you can actually find the best mattress for your needs – even better than showroom browsing. Let’s take a look at the advantages of buying a mattress online:

You Have a Much Bigger Chance of Yielding a Better Mattress

There are a handful of reasons why you should shop online when you need a new mattress. Contrary to popular belief, going to a brick and mortar store isn’t the best choice for everyone. Here are the advantages of buying online vs. buying at stores:

  Buying in Person Buying Online Why Buy Online
Mattress Testing Buying at brick and mortar retail locations does not guarantee meeting the expectations of the customers – even after a comfort evaluation. Research shows 71% of buyers are happy with their new mattress. Most buyers are frightened of buying online. But research indicates that 78% of consumers are satisfied with their purchase. While some may still prefer the traditional way, buying online today is made more relaxing. Online stores have better return policies for their products. For instance, Amerisleep, a memory foam mattress retailer, provides 90 days trial for the buyers.
Testing Time A study from RTI International discovered that people who chose their mattresses in a showroom-like location where there were several bed choices and a salesperson for a 15 minute testing weren’t able to buy the most comfortable mattress for them based on support and pressure. Buying online can be done through your computer or any device connected to the Internet. While you can’t really feel the mattress personally, fast shipping and testing the mattress at the comforts of your own home can be even better for evaluating the mattress. When consumers choose to buy a mattress online, there is enough time to conduct research carefully. Although there isn’t a chance to test the feel and comfort of the mattress, online companies allow the buyers to test the product for at least 30 days and they can usually get a refund or a replacement in case they are not happy with their purchase.
Money Saving The advertised sales could give consumers the misconception that they can get the best deal. But remember, there are physical overhead costs, commissions, and even local sales tax, which lead to increased prices of the mattresses they sell. No matter what you buy online, it has been proven that choosing this channel of obtaining goods is exceptionally cheaper. There are no middlemen and other costs associated with selling at physical stores. As a result, online retailers offer their mattresses at a fraction of the price found at mattress showrooms. In the online world, the average memory foam can cost less than $900, but a showroom may offer the same kind of mattress for a little over $3000. Quite obviously, you’re not getting the kind of savings you’re aiming to get from a showroom. Even if you consider the shipping costs, buying a mattress online is still the way to save a larger portion of money compared to purchasing at a retail store.
Selection Process When you go to a store to look for a particular item, a salesperson would offer his/her help. This is generally useful, but a lot of them go over the line and become a little too pushy. There are numerous salespeople who would promote their latest line or have the goal of driving a bigger sale, rather than being really helpful. Consumers often have particular needs and wants and most of them wouldn’t want to listen to what the salespersons suggest. You don’t have to talk to a salesperson when you buy online – unless you really need to. You’re the one who will reach out to them instead of them giving you advice (which is usually unsolicited). You just sit quietly at home and think of your options without feeling rushed or even cornered into purchasing something you aren’t satisfied with. Online buying doesn’t force you to talk to a salesperson. You can also change your mind or delay your purchase for days, so there are no worries about you taking up too much of the salesperson’s time. Obviously, it is more relaxing because you have your own time and you can even weigh all your options until you are finally comfortable with the product you wish to buy. While at it, you can also check the reviews, make price comparisons, and even look at the other options across several sources, not just the local selections.

Considering the things listed above, buying a mattress online is actually a great option for those who want to save money, reduce stress, and obtain the right mattress for their lifestyle.

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Mattress Online

You can find a number of options if you decide to try buying a mattress online. Upon checking, you will discover that many of the retailers give return policies, which are quite generous. Additionally, most of the offers are considerably more affordable than retail choices. There are also two noteworthy benefits that many people would find appealing: there’s no need to haggle and there are no pushy salespersons to deal with.

When you buy a mattress online, it’s surprisingly fast as the mattress will be delivered to you in just a few days using a small box that you can easily move around. Plus, there’s a long trial for you to see whether you really like the mattress or not. Here are some things to look into as you choose your mattress online:

1. Picking the Company

It may come as a surprise to find that there are actually a number of companies that sell mattresses over the Internet. Some exist as a sole direct to consumer retailer, which means that there are no salespersons and they deal with both shipping and returns without effort. Because of this, they are more affordable than mainstay companies most people are aware of.

Although not all, many online companies make just one type of mattress. What they do is they provide their products in varying sizes. In general, there’s no need to buy pillow tops. When it comes to firmness ratings, many online retailers would provide medium firmness, meaning the mattress isn’t too soft and isn’t too firm. They aim to offer “one firmness that fits everyone” although not all people prefer medium firmness. Most of the companies specialize in memory foam, but there are unique ones such as Saatva that offers spring mattresses. As you can see, there’s pretty much a lot of option for everyone.

Online companies often have different comfort and firmness levels. The good news about shopping online is that you can get information about the mattresses easily. You can even read reviews and determine whether the users are satisfied with the mattress.

2. Shipping and Unboxing

For people who are used to buying a mattress at a retail store or perhaps this is the first time to buy something as huge as a mattress, it can be surprising to see a small box and you have to pull the mattress out of it. Most online companies ship their mattresses in this kind of package. You will have to unroll it and then open the sealed plastic wrapper, which will allow the mattress to expand. You will have to wait for an hour or so as you watch the mattress completely take its real shape.

Unfortunately, if you select a memory foam mattress, it will give off a smell at first, mainly because it has been in a vacuum-sealed bag. But if you choose a mattress company with a reputation that their mattresses don’t off-gas, there is definitely a good chance that the new mattress will not smell or at least won’t be too noticeable. But one good thing about the package being small is that it makes the mattress easy to maneuver around the house. You can move it through a tiny doorway or carry it through the staircase if your room is upstairs.

3. Trial Period

In most cases, the trial period lasts for up to 100 days. Some even provide a much longer period for testing the mattress at home whether you are comfortable with it or not. There are many traditional stores that provide 30 days for their return policy, but most of the time, these refund policies actually come with fees. There are also stores that issue a store credit instead of a refund. This isn’t a problem with online mattress retailers because most of them offer free returns and a full refund. Some may require you to pay for the shipping fee, but considering all those things, it is a killer deal.

4. Other Things to Think About

The return policy, as mentioned, is really attractive. Additionally, the warranties are hefty and are quite appealing as well. However, they may only sound delightful on the surface and they certainly aren’t for everyone. For instance, the return policy requires you to consider the number of days you will have to try out the mattress. Sure, if you don’t like it, it’s easy to return it. Most of the consumers who didn’t like their mattress had no issues returning it. But that means you will not have a mattress anymore and may have to sleep on the floor for a while, unless your old mattress is still around. Then, you’re going to repeat the process of finding a new mattress.

Warranties can be tricky, too. They can sound like such a great deal, but the warranty depends on the company behind it. Make sure you fully understand what the warranty states, especially if you’re planning to keep the mattress for 10 years or so.

Top Mattress Brands to Go For

As you can see, finding the right mattress is really complicated. But we’ve compiled a list for you to consider once you decide to look into shopping for a new mattress over the Internet:

1. Amerisleep

Amerisleep offers various memory foam mattresses namely:

– Colonial

– Independence

– Americana

– Liberty

– Revere

The company guarantees that the mattresses they build use high quality foams that are exclusive to them and are constructed according to the highest standards. Their mattresses are manufactured in the United States and can be a great choice depending on your sleep style and other preferences.

The construction is quite noteworthy and the mattresses mentioned above have the following similarities:

Celliant Every Amerisleep mattress uses Celliant in the cover, which is an advanced fiber made from a blend of highly thermoreactive minerals. The minerals allow the mattress cover to turn the sleeper’s body heat to infrared light. It has been clinically proven that both infrared light and Celliant have the ability to increase blood flow. As a result, there is better oxygenation in the body, which in turn reduces pain and regulates the temperature of the body.
Fire Guard Amerisleep doesn’t use fire retardants that are chemical based. They have an especially fabricated fire sock, which is used on all of the mattresses. This particular fire sock is created with the use of silica (or sand) and rayon (a type of human-made fiber that comes from wood pulp). It is designed to dissolve if there’s fire and therefore can effectively smother the flames. The fire guard used in the mattresses is certified with GreenGuard, which confirms that the fire sock doesn’t contain harmful pollutants in the air, the room, and the environment.
Bio-Pur Foam Amerisleep presents this memory foam, which weighs 4.0 pounds. It is exclusive to the company as it is especially formulated for Amerisleep to provide the most important aspects of a good mattress: support, cooling, and comfort. Depending on the mattress, the Bio-Pur foam can range from two to three inches. Note though that Bio-Pur and Bio-Pur+ foams are different as the latter is the more advanced foam with larger cell structure, which further increases airflow.
Bio-Core Base This is another type of foam in Amerisleep mattresses that serves as the foundational layer. Bio-Core base varies from six to nine inches in thickness depending on the mattress.
Variable Pressure Foaming Variable Pressure Foaming or VPF is Amerisleep’s way of creating mattresses. The other memory foam mattresses from other brands are manufactured in open air. VPF is different as it is closed off, which provides Amerisleep much better control over their creation process. What’s more, it is environment-friendly because it removes pollutants that might get into the mattress and the air that comes out is much cleaner than when it entered. This is also the process that gives the mattresses much larger cellular structures. This results to a very cool sleep surface.
Surface Modification Technology SMT is a special foam found in some of the advanced models from Amerisleep, namely Independence and Colonial. It is indeed exceptional and is for the transition foam and Activus layers with the use of giant rollers. These rollers make channels right at the bottom of the foam and these channels are created to improve cooling and airflow in the mattress. Plus, SMT is there to effectively transfer pressure points all over the foam, which therefore increases support in the most important areas of the body.

Aside from the mentioned characteristics, Amerisleep mattresses also have good service offerings:

– Amerisleep offers one of the best warranties in the mattress world with 20 years warranty. The first 10 years offer full replacement, while the next 10 are prorated.

– Most of the mattresses also offer a long trial period of 90 days.

– As for the refunds and exchanges, you get 100% refund when you are not pleased with your mattress within the mentioned trial period. However, it is your responsibility to ship the mattress back.

Which Amerisleep Mattress is For You?

Here’s a quick look at the mattresses that you can buy online from Amerisleep:

Factors Americana Colonial Independence Liberty Revere
Mattress Type Memory foam Memory foam Memory foam Memory foam Memory foam
Mattress Cover Top and Sides: All white



With Celliant and other blend of materials

Top: White

Sides: Grey Mesh


With Celliant and other blend of materials

Top and Sides: All white



With Celliant and other blend of materials

Top: White

Sides: Tan Mesh


With Celliant and other blend of materials

Top: White

Sides: Brown Mesh


With Celliant and other blend of materials

Firmness Rating Firm Soft Soft Medium Soft Medium Firm
Mattress Height 10” 13” 14” 12” 12”
Mattress Layers Three inches of Bio-Pur foam,

Nine inches of Bio-Core foam for support

Two inches of Bio-Pur+,

Four inches of SMT transition layer,

Seven inches Bio-Core foam for support

Two inches of Bio-Pur+,

Three inches of Activus foam,

Nine inches of Bio-Core foam for support

Three inches Bio-Pur,

Two inches of transition foam layer,

Seven inches of Bio-Core foam for support

Three inches of Bio-Pur,

Nine inches of Bio-Core foam for support

Motion Isolation Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Price Starts At $749 $1,449 $2,299 $799 $899

To give you more help in choosing, here is a summary on what each mattress has to offer:

Americana: This is a plush feel mattress that comes with an underlying degree of firmness. Americana is for you if you’re looking for a mattress that helps relieve pressure points as it has great support, while providing softness and comfort at the same time.

Colonial: This is Amerisleep’s flagship model and comes with the company’s most advanced Bio-Pur+ along with Surface Modification Technology (SMT). There is a generous number of foam layers and the feel of the mattress is quite unrivaled. Amerisleep considers the Colonial mattress as their second softest mattress and it does feel very soft. So, if you’re looking for that cloudlike feel, this is the mattress for you. You will also enjoy Colonial if you want great support, a delightful body and back hug, and excellent body contouring.

Independence: This mattress is Amerisleep’s thickest mattress with 14 inches profile. It is also the most plush, so expect it to have such great softness. Independence is designed to provide superb hug, body contouring, and feel. Right now, this is the only Amerisleep mattress with Activus, which provides the same body contouring as with high-quality memory foam. However, it boasts an almost instant response time and thus prevents any feeling of being stuck or sinking into the mattress.

Liberty: This soft feel mattress gives a great hug, plus moderate sinkage mainly because of its softness. This results to fantastic body contouring and at the same time, there is great support. Although it is a soft mattress, you can still expect it to be responsive with exceptional pressure point relief and support.

Revere: The Revere mattress is the most popular mattress from Amerisleep and that’s because it is such a good mattress. Revere has a medium firm feel, so it is ideal for many sleepers who don’t want a mattress that’s neither too soft nor too firm. This mattress is designed to provide support for the spine to ensure the back and the spine remains in proper alignment throughout the night.

Amerisleep shows just how a good mattress should be constructed: based on what sleepers love about this type of mattress. There’s great hug or contour, excellent pressure relief, dependable support, and good sinkage. Not only that, Amerisleep takes it further with enhanced cooling, breathability, response, and an overall comfortable sleeping surface.

2. Saatva

Aside from Amerisleep, Saatva has also received positive reviews from users who bought their mattress online. Saatva offers just one type of mattress, but it comes in varying firmness levels, allowing consumers to pick the right kind of mattress for their sleep style and other requirements. In most industries, you have to pay more to get a high-quality product. But just like Amerisleep, Saatva can compete well even against the higher priced mattresses.

Mattress details are usually quite complicated, but Saatva aims to make the process simple and easy to understand. As mentioned, there’s only one mattress with three different comfort levels namely Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm with the following layers:

Cover is made from 100% organic cotton, which makes it a very breathable material, so the sleeper feels cool even during hot nights. Plus, cotton is very soft and has a nice texture. The cover is made extra special with the Euro-style pillow top, which gives it even more softness and great feel the moment you lie down on the mattress.

The layer below the pillow top is made of laminated memory foam, which helps the mattress relieve pressure points for the sleeper. It is effective in targeting tension and pressure, especially in the lower back.

In the third layer, there are individually wrapped coils inserted in a foam casing, which helps the mattress withstand stress from the weight of the sleeper. But this layer isn’t for durability only as it also improves comfort of the sleep surface and the mattress as a whole.

Finally, underneath the foam casing, there are the tempered steel coils. These coils provide more support for the mattress. They also help prevent sagging.

But Which Saatva Mattress is For You?

As mentioned, Saatva offers three firmness levels. Here’s a guide on how you can choose the right firmness for you:

Saatva Plush Soft Saatva Luxury Firm Saatva Firm
Best for people who like super soft mattresses In the middle in terms of firmness The firmest out of all the three Saatva mattresses
Best for those who sleep on their back or side Best for those who want a mattress that’s not so soft, but also not so firm Actually has an initial soft feel when you lie down, but has a stronger support that’s usually in a firmer mattress
Ideal for people who are looking for a mattress that gives a pronounced hug Similar to sleeping at a nice hotel bed Great for back and stomach sleepers
  Ideal for any kind of sleeper whether they sleep on their back, stomach, and side For those who want to feel as if they are floating on top of their mattress
  Moderate hug, which allows easy moving and switching positions at night  

Note that both the plush soft and the firm options use slightly firmer foam than the luxury firm mattress which wraps the top coil layers. As for the pricing, the mattresses vary in cost depending on the size, but the firmness will not affect the price. There are also two thickness levels: one is 11.5 inches and the other one is 14.5 inches. Both are also priced the same.

3. Casper

Casper is a new company that sells mattresses for people looking to buy mattresses online. The company started in 2014 and has been quite active in advertising their mattresses. The Casper mattress is made up of foam and has four different layers:

The first layer is made of latex foam called synthetic Dunlop and measures 1.5 inches with 3.3 pounds per cubic foot density. With this layer, the mattress becomes more comfortable and cool. It also has a great bounce to it.

As for the second layer, it is made of memory foam, measuring 1.5 inches in thickness and a density of 4.0 pound per cubic foot. This layer gives support as well as relief from pressure. The memory foam is strategically placed under the latex foam, so that there will not be issues about heat retention, which is usually the problem with memory foam mattresses.

The third layer is made of polyurethane foam that measures 1.5 inches with 2.5 pound per cubic foot density. It is made for additional support and is designed to ease the users into the base foam.

Finally, the bottom layer is also made of polyurethane foam with five inches of thickness and 1.8 PCF density. With this layer, the mattress is much sturdier as it is the foundational base of the mattress and provides support for the comfort layers above it.

The Casper mattress is a hybrid mattress as it combines both latex and memory foam into one. It offers the benefits of both materials, while reducing their negative traits. The mattress uses a simple and standard cover: a white fabric that wraps from one edge to another. It is stretchy and thin with a soft texture. Casper guarantees that the cover remains cool and improves the breathability of the mattress. However, since the cover is quite thin, you may want to be careful in moving it, so it doesn’t rip some threads out of it. The cover is made from the following materials:

– 100% polyester for the top

– 49% polypropylene and 51% polyester for the side panels of the cover

– 45% polyester, 5% aramid or synthetic polymer, and 50% rayon for the bottom part

The mattress aims to give universal comfort with its medium firmness to suit the needs of the majority of sleepers. For heavier sleepers (and even those who sleep on their side) though, Casper may feel a little bit firmer and may not be supportive enough. There is no recommended weight provided on the website, but the mattress may provide the best support for those who are 250 pounds at most. If you’re not sure if Casper is the right mattress for you, don’t worry since they provide a total of 100 nights for you to try the mattress at home.

Even though you can’t test the mattress before buying, online companies offer a long trial period, so you can try it out first and return it if you’re not happy with the mattress. A mattress shouldn’t be seen as simply an investment in home furnishings, but also an investment in our health. Mattress needs and preferences differ from one person to another. Medical experts agree that mattresses are not a type of proposition in which one size fits all. There’s also no scientific evidence that one particular type of mattress is better than others. While there are several choices around, the best type of mattress for you is the one that helps you sleep seven to nine hours at night without interruption.