Tempurpedic vs. Amerisleep: The Battle of HD Memory Foam Mattresses

When it comes to memory foam mattresses, one brand is considered the most recognized and that’s Tempurpedic. This company is even considered the king of memory foam mattresses mostly because it is the first brand to introduce a bed that uses the foam material created by NASA. But there are many brands looking to challenge the dominant name in the world of memory foam and among them is Amerisleep.

Both of these two brands offer revolutionary and luxurious high density (HD) memory foam mattresses. Their products are designed to provide great contour and hug for the sleepers, so they can enjoy a blissful sleep. There are similarities, but there are definitely a lot of differences and only one can be the winner. Will Tempurpedic remain at the top or is Amerisleep ready to conquer the memory foam mattress market? Let’s find out.

Brand Overview

First, let’s take a look at Tempurpedic. This company has a line of memory foam mattresses, which are thought of as higher end products than their other competitors. Tempurpedic is also viewed as a game changer in the mattress world because they introduced memory foam to the mainstream audience. Memory foam is a material that was originally created by NASA to provide cushion for the aircraft seats. In 1992, Tempurpedic presented the material to the public.

It was in 2012 that Tempurpedic merged with Sealy and has ever since become synonymous with the term “memory foam.” Today, it continues to have great success. But over the years, many other mattress brands have emerged, especially in the memory foam department. Tempurpedic has always been known as a luxury brand, meaning their mattresses are very expensive. As a result, buyers have pretty high expectations when they purchase the mattress. Oftentimes, those expectations aren’t met since there are other brands out there that offer the same features at a much lower price.

Meanwhile, Amerisleep is known for their memory foam mattresses as well. There are different models of mattresses that vary from soft to medium to medium firm. The company offers online buying, so it’s definitely hassle free for people who don’t want to go from one store to another. Because there are no middlemen and the company directly sells their products, the mattresses from Amerisleep are much more affordable than the ones from other brands.

Amerisleep also has a unique way of creating their mattresses. They use Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF), which is a closed air process of manufacturing. It is an exceptional method because it is greener than the processes of other companies. Therefore, one can say that the company is friendlier to the environment than other manufacturers out there. Plus, it allows Amerisleep to come up with more durable memory foam mattresses. Amerisleep aims to lessen their carbon footprint not only with the way they create their products, but also in terms of how they pack their mattresses to be delivered to their customers directly.

The battle between these two companies is still ongoing, so let’s compare the brands side by side:

  Amerisleep Tempurpedic
Mattress Responsiveness A B
Couple-Friendly B C
Motion Transfer A A
Pain Relief A B+
Cool Sleeping Surface A C
Pressure Relief A A
Construction A B+
Perceived Quality A B+
Longevity B+ B+
Health A C
Odor A C
Eco-Friendly A D
Availability B A
Customer Service B+ B-
Warranty A A
Price A D
Owner Satisfaction A C
Top Selling Mattress Amerisleep Revere Tempurpedic Rhapsody Breeze

Quick Explanation:

Mattress responsiveness refers to the length of time it takes for the mattress to return to its original shape. If it takes more time, the mattress is firmer or harder and may even give that quicksand feeling to the sleeper, particularly when changing positions or getting out of bed. Comparing the two, here are the results:

– Tempurpedic showed an average of 45 to a minute for the response time.

– Amerisleep averaged six to eight seconds, which is very surprising especially for people who are used to viscoelastic foam’s slow response. Plus, there’s virtually no complaints about difficulty in moving and getting that stuck feeling.

Pain and pressure relief is exceptionally well with memory foam mattresses. They are able to contour to the body, while offering full body support and equalizing distribution of weight, especially at the back and the heavier parts of the body. Both Tempurpedic and Amerisleep are great with pain relief and pressure point elimination with minimal complaints from owners.

As for cool sleeping surface, many owners have complained about how memory foam mattresses become a little hot, especially during warmer nights.

– Tempurpedic has some models with frequent complaints about sweating at night because the mattresses become hot. These complaints are most prevalent in the Simplicity and Contour lines as well as with the thicker mattresses. This is why the company introduced the Breeze line to solve the heat problem, though there are still unsatisfied consumers.

– Amerisleep advertises that they have 10x better breathability and even 25% cooling effect compared to mattresses that use gel-infused foams. Compared to Tempurpedic, Amerisleep has virtually no complaints about sleeping hot.

Motion transfer is also a popular feature in memory foam mattresses and both Amerisleep and Tempurpedic excel in this area. Meanwhile, when it comes to odor and health, some mattresses give off odors when chemicals known as volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) break down. New products typically emit odors, but they eventually dissipate. Some people are quite sensitive to smells.

– Tempurpedic mattresses, especially with their thicker mattress models such as Grand, Rhapsody, and Allura, tend to give off some odor for a short period of time.

– Only a handful of Amerisleep users complain about the initial odor, but they are quick to mention that it is milder and disappears faster than other brands. Most users though say there is no noticeable smell coming from the mattress even during the time they open the package.

When it comes to the other factors mentioned, such as longevity, warranty, and availability, are more into the business aspect of Tempurpedic and Amerisleep. Both can be bought online, but Tempurpedic is sold through a dealer network. Warranties are the same, though some Tempurpedic models provide an additional 15 years for prorated warranty compared to Amerisleep’s 10 years. Customer service is consistent on both brands, but Tempurpedic has some negative reviews on this aspect.

Memory Foam Analysis: Amerisleep vs. Tempurpedic

Foams are naturally great insulators as they can trap heat inside their structures. This is one of the reasons why a lot of memory foam mattresses users complain about sleeping hot. But the way the foam is constructed can impact its feel and qualities. Foams aren’t created equal and thus, they don’t perform the same way. Both Amerisleep and Tempurpedic use technologies, which have one goal: to provide a cool sleep experience. But which one is better?

Tempurpedic’s Tempur-Breeze Technology vs. Amerisleep

To compare the two, let’s take a look first at the coolness of the memory foam mattresses. There are some independent lab tests that show how Tempurpedic’s mattress series, particularly the TEMPUR-Contour and TEMPUR-Cloud, slept cooler compared to other gel foam mattresses by up to one degree Fahrenheit. As for the TEMPUR-Climate and the TEMPUR-EZ Breeze, their support layers have the ability to wick heat away, so they feel cool when you lie down on them.

Meanwhile, independent tests show Amerisleep can disperse heat 10 times faster compared to memory foam brands, including Tempurpedic. The mattresses from the company also allow eight times better airflow through their foams, which results in a much cooler sleep surface. Compared to gel memory foam mattresses, Amerisleep can dissipate heat 25% quicker. This is thanks to the fact that they use plant-based materials for their memory foam mattresses instead of synthetics or infused gel technologies like other brands do.

Now, let’s talk about memory foam composition. For Tempurpedic, they use viscoelastic cells, which are temperature sensitive and with open cell structure. The formula used for the materials remain a secret and even Tempurpedic doesn’t really address the contents of their foam. However, because there is such strong odor or off-gassing when the mattresses are still new, numerous consumers speculate that the materials used contain high amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These are chemicals, such as benzene and acetone, which vaporize or evaporate instantaneously. VOCs are harmful not only to our health, but the environment as well. Nevertheless, Tempurpedic doesn’t claim that they make mattresses out of natural materials, which is why those who are looking for eco-friendly mattresses usually skip this brand.

On the other hand, Amerisleep uses Bio-Pur material, which is their proprietary foam formula that incorporates oils from plants, therefore replacing a huge amount of petro-chemicals used in all viscoelastic foam mattresses. This is such a significant difference between Tempurpedic and Amerisleep – and practically all other mattress brands that use synthetic materials. Bio-Pur uses intense open cell technology and the mattresses become temperature neutral. Compared to traditional viscoelastic foams that become hard when exposed in cool temperatures and become soft when in a warm place, Bio-Pur will not be affected by the room temperature.

As for the mattress covers, the most notable Tempurpedic covers are present in Tempur-Rhapsody Breeze and Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze, which have covers that promise to be cool to the touch. Plus, they have stretchable tops, sides that use micro suede, and with moisture-wicking qualities. However, just like with the materials they use, Tempurpedic remain vague when it comes to talking about the composition of their covers that come with Tempur-Breeze technology.

Meanwhile, Amerisleep provides removable covers that use plant-based materials. Some of the mattresses have a bamboo surface that is good for people with allergies and is also capable of fighting microbes. When used for mattress covers, bamboo can also wick away moisture and enables unimpeded airflow. There are also some models that use micro suede on the sides of the covers. Amerisleep also use Celliant technology, which will be discussed later.

Tempurpedic vs. Amerisleep Technology: Cost and Value

Tempurpedic’s Tempur-Breeze technology is present in two models namely Tempur-Rhapsody Breeze and Tempur-Cloud Supreme. The average price for the brand’s queen mattress is $3449. Meanwhile, Amerisleep models with Bio-Pur and bamboo covers have an average price of just $859.

Tempur-Breeze is cooler than other traditional foams because of the Breeze cover and the use of temperature-sensitive materials. The pricing though is in the mid $3000s, which could easily turn off those who are on a tight budget. Amerisleep, on the other hand, is better when it comes to cooling and dissipating heat than other memory foam. The models use bamboo covers as well as plant-based foams. Even better is that these models can be as affordable $1000 and below.

Both mattresses are made in the US and are guaranteed to help sleepers experience a much cooler sleep compared to traditional foams. But when it comes to savings and eco-friendliness, Amerisleep easily outweigh Tempurpedic’s Tempur-Breeze technology.

Notes on Mattress Construction

To compare the construction of the mattresses, we will evaluate Amerisleep Liberty vs. Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze. Let’s first take a look at the construction of Amerisleep’s Liberty mattress. This particular mattress features three separate layers and is 12 inches in height comprising of:

Layer Purpose Layer Description
First layer For cooling and comfort 1. Measures three inches of memory foam

2. Uses Bio-Pur technology to get rid of heat and maintain a cool sleep surface

Second layer Pressure relief and support 1. Measures two inches made from transition poly-foam

2. Serves as the transitional and support layer

Third layer For foundational support 1. Measures seven inches made of poly support foam

2. Serves as support for deep compression, allowing the mattress to take even those who are heavy

The Liberty mattress is not complete without the cover. It consists of the following blend of materials:

– 77% polyester

– 21% celliant

– 2% spandex

Amerisleep uses Celliant technology in its covers, which is quite interesting. This material is constructed from thermo-reactive minerals and is effective in converting infrared light from the heat coming from the body of the sleeper. Clinical trials have shown that Celliant and infrared light can benefit the body and improve the health of the sleeper. This is because they can improve blood flow, which means that the body is able to carry more oxygen. This results to pain reduction and better regulation of body temperature – obviously leading to improved quality of sleep.

The use of spandex and polyester makes the cover not just elastic, but breathable as well. This adds even more comfort and cooling for the sleeper.

How Firm is the Amerisleep Liberty Mattress?

This Amerisleep mattress is a 5 out of 10 when it comes to its firmness, which means that it has a true medium feel. The brand intends to meet the requirements of most users. Because it is a medium firm mattress, you will instantly feel a pronounced sinkage and hug when you come in contact with it. This is especially helpful in relieving pressure. A lot of users complain about getting a “stuck” feeling due to deep sinkage. But Amerisleep has created a mattress that comes with above average response time and solid support via the Liberty mattress.

Remember though that depth of sinkage and efficiency of pressure relief will definitely vary depending on body type and weight. Average weight and those who are a bit heavy may see a three inch sinkage, particularly on the heavy parts of the body. If you are over the average weight, you will surely observe more sinkage, but you can expect the same amount of support because the comfort layers are much thicker than ordinary memory foam mattresses.

Amerisleep recommends the Liberty for side and back sleepers, but if you’re a stomach sleeper, you can look into the firmer models from the company, such as the Americana and the Revere mattresses. Liberty is excellent in contouring to the curves of the body and gives consistent alignment for the spine, making the mattress ideal for those who are very particular about body and spinal support.

Amerisleep Liberty Cooling

The Liberty mattress is guaranteed to be super comfortable and with the thin cover, it is made to provide a cool sleeping surface. The blend of spandex and polyester as well as the use of plant-based foam contributes even more to the coolness of the mattress.

Is It Couple-Friendly?

If you’re looking for a bouncy mattress, Liberty is quite soft for couple activities. But a lot of couples look for a mattress that would not let them feel the movements of their partner. Memory foam mattresses excel in offering almost no motion transfer, making sleep more enjoyable and uninterrupted.

Price and Other Details

The Liberty mattress is one of the most affordable memory foam mattresses on the market today considering the features mentioned. It starts at $799, offers 100 days trial, and 20 years warranty.

Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze Construction

This model from Tempurpedic is also made of all-foam materials with four layers. It obviously has more layers than the Liberty, but is 0.5 inch thinner with a total height of 11.5 inches.

Layer Purpose Layer Description
First layer Comfort 1. Measures two inches of viscoelastic memory foam

2. Offers soft feel with pronounced hug and contour

Second layer Improved comfort and support 1. Measures two inches of the same material as the top layer

2. Provides additional comfort as well as support

3. Firmer than the first layer

Third layer Additional support 1. Measures four inches and is made of polyurethane foam

2. Adds more support for the mattress

3. Serves as the transitional layer from the first two comfort foams

Fourth layer Mattress foundation and support 1. Measures 3.5 inches of the same material as the third layer

2. Aims to provide deep compression support

As for the cover, this mattress uses the following blend of materials:

– 94% polyester

– 6% spandex

As observed, the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze has the same materials as the Amerisleep Liberty with the exception of Celliant. Tempurpedic’s cover breathes well and is soft to the touch. It is stretchy, so it is able to maintain its shape easily no matter which angle you yank it. The mattress also has a thin cover just like the Liberty to allow air to move freely in and out of the material.

How Firm is This Tempurpedic Mattress?

Just like the Liberty, Cloud Supreme Breeze is also a five out of 10, meaning it is also a medium firm mattress. Owners have noted how the mattress is able to absorb their weight instantly as they first lied down on it. Sinkage depth is quite prominent and may cause the sleeper to feel trapped by the mattress. It also has a slow response time, so be sure you are a complete memory foam fan before you consider buying this Tempurpedic mattress.

It is quite notable though how this mattress does a good job at balancing the sinkage depth, meaning every part of the body will receive a certain degree of sinkage. As a result, pressure relief and spinal alignment are effectively provided by the mattress.

Because it is on the same firmness level as with the Amerisleep Liberty mattress, the Cloud Supreme Breeze isn’t recommended for stomach sleepers because it is quite soft. Nevertheless, it is good for side and back sleepers.

Tempurpedic Cooling

The mattress definitely feels cool to the touch probably because of the phase change materials used in the cover. No one knows for sure since Tempurpedic is quite secretive when it comes to their mattresses. But compared to Amerisleep’s cooling technology, Tempurpedic is quite disappointing. If you have average needs for cooling, you could be satisfied with what Cloud Supreme Breeze has to offer. Meanwhile, if you sleep very warm, the sinkage, the memory foam, and the mediocre cooling construction may feel too warm for you.

Is It Couple-Friendly?

Just like the Amerisleep Liberty, this mattress from Tempurpedic offers great motion transfer reduction. However, this also reduces the bounce in the mattress, which makes love activities a little difficult.

Price and Other Details

Tempurpedic is known for their memory foam mattress, but definitely not when it comes to affordability. So if you’re looking for a budget-friendly mattress, this brand isn’t for you. Compared to Amerisleep’s starting price of $899, Tempurpedic begins at $2,699. Trial period is only for 30 nights and doesn’t allow refunds. You can only make an exchange, so be sure you really want a Tempurpedic mattress. Warranty lasts for 10 years compared to Amerisleep’s 20 years.

Which One is for You?

Considering the mattresses above, the Liberty from Amerisleep and the Cloud Supreme Breeze from Tempurpedic, here’s a side by side comparison of the two:

  Amerisleep Liberty Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze
Mattress Height 12 inches 11.5 inches
Mattress Layers 1. Three inches of memory foam

2. Two inches of polyurethane foam

3. Seven inches of polyurethane support foam

1. Two inches of memory foam

2. Another two inches of memory foam

3. Four inches of polyurethane foam

4. 3.5 inches of polyurethane support foam

Cover 1. Celliant infused along with spandex and polyester

2. Soft and cool to the touch

3. Thin

1. Made of polyester and spandex

2. Soft and thin

3. Cool to the touch

Firmness Medium Medium
Motion Isolation Excellent Excellent
Support Excellent Very Good
Starting Price $899 $2699
Trial Period 100 nights with money back guarantee 30 nights for one model exchange, no refunds allowed
Warranty 20 years 10 years
Shipping Free and box-compressed Free using white glove delivery

As you can see from the table above as well as the comparisons made, Amerisleep beats Tempurpedic in many aspects. But if you’re still wondering which to buy, there’s no denying that both Amerisleep Liberty and Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze (and the other models of these two brands) are of top notch quality. The mattresses are both very well made and are even considered among the best mattresses that can be bought today.

Both sell memory foam mattresses, so there’s really not much difference between performance and functionality. They are both very well built and have high quality high density memory foam. Both mattresses also use cutting-edge materials for their covers as well as the other parts of the mattress. The difference though first lies in the service options between the two. Of course, it is evident that there is a HUGE difference in the price. As a buyer, service package and the cost of the product affect our final decision. And Amerisleep simply delivers a much better offer when it comes to the price and the service choices.

Deciding Factors

If you’re looking for a new mattress, you’re probably wondering if Tempurpedic is a good choice for you. Here are reasons why you’d want to look into their line of mattresses:

If you’re looking for a memory foam mattress and you’re a fan of this type of material, then Tempurpedic is something you may want to consider. The truth is memory foam isn’t for everyone, but those who prefer this material are really happy with it. So, if you’re not into memory foam, it is advised you stay away from any mattress that uses it even if it’s not Tempurpedic. If you’re not sure, you can try accessing one for just a couple of nights to know whether it is right for you or not.

If you’re looking for pain reduction, Tempurpedic may be able to help. Memory foam mattresses are known for providing pain relief because of their ability to reduce pressure points. As a result, users experience a comfortable sleep that doesn’t involve pain on their hips, neck, and/or shoulders. Tempurpedic promises to deliver high quality memory foam and they have high density models that perform a great job of conforming to the body shape of the sleeper. This promotes alignment of the spine and makes sure that the back is in its natural position as you sleep.

If you have been having trouble sleeping, Tempurpedic may be a good place to look. Because of the mattress’ ability to relieve pressure points, you don’t have to worry about waking up at night, which usually happens when there is too much pressure on the heavy parts of the body. The soreness or sometimes the numbness can keep you awake, making memory foam mattresses a good fix for the problem.

If you share your bed with your partner, memory foam mattresses are recommended for couples because of their excellence in motion transfer. For Tempurpedic, the higher density models are suggested for couples who complain about their partner moving around the bed, disturbing their sleep. This helps improve the quality of your sleep.

With those points above considered, there are also a few reasons why Tempurpedic isn’t the mattress brand to go for. Here they are:

You’re a fan of traditional innerspring mattress. If this is the case, you really won’t feel comfortable if you’re sleeping on a memory foam mattress. To avoid the hassle, simply skip Tempurpedic.

You’re looking for a temporary mattress. Most Tempurpedic reviews say that the mattresses are quite durable. Note that they are very pricey, so they are targeted for a long-term investment. If your plan is to use your mattress for just a few years, look for another mattress that can give you better value.

You want a bouncier and a more resilient feel. Tempurpedic doesn’t really have that springy feel compared to other mattresses out there. For those who want this kind of mattress, one that is made of latex is a much better choice because this type is known for being very bouncy.

You have budget constraints. One big reason why many consumers avoid Tempurpedic is because the models are out of most people’s price range. There are many other more affordable alternatives that would suit your needs and your budget best.

Now, let’s move on to Amerisleep. This company is quite popular when it comes to memory foam mattresses. Amerisleep is known for putting extra time, effort, and care in constructing their mattresses. As a result, they create great quality products with some features that allow them to stand out in the crowd.

One remarkable trait of Amerisleep is that they have different lines of mattresses that are catered to every type of sleeper. If you have been having trouble finding the right mattress for you, you may want to look at Amerisleep’s collection of mattresses. Even though Tempurpedic is considered the leading name in memory foam mattress, a lot of other consumers prefer Amerisleep for the following reasons:

There’s a special mattress for every person. There are companies that say there’s one best mattress that could fit to everyone’s preferences and requirements. Most people don’t believe in this claim and if you’re one of them, you will love the fact that Amerisleep offers a line of five different mattresses that are catered to a variety of sleepers. The company’s philosophy is to match their mattresses with the unique sleeping preferences of the sleepers, so that they will achieve greater success.

Customers prefer memory foam over other types of mattresses. All the mattresses from Amerisleep are memory foam-based and if you like this material, you should definitely look at their line of mattresses. The foams move somewhat slowly, so you gradually sink into them.

The mattresses give the contour people like without feeling as if they are stuck. With the right memory foam mattress, you will feel excellent pressure relief coupled with the sensation that you are sinking into the mattress just a little bit. However, some mattresses these days will make you feel as if you are stuck or you can’t move, so pressure relief is somewhat negated because you feel uncomfortable anyways. But Amerisleep’s mattresses won’t give you that feeling because their foam is very much responsive – even more so than other normal foams out there.

Motion isolation is a major feature. Memory foam mattresses do boast this characteristic because they really perform a fantastic job when it comes to isolating motion. So if your partner moves around a lot and this keeps you up at night, memory foam mattresses are a good choice. Amerisleep’s collection of mattresses uses high density memory foam, particularly in their comfort layer, so they are indeed very effective in keeping movements almost undetected.

There are no worries about sleeping hot. One of the main issues of memory foam mattresses is that they tend to sleep hot, especially those that feature really thick profiles. Amerisleep mattresses give the promise of a cool sleeping surface.

People don’t want to pay extra. Compared to Tempurpedic and many other mattress brands, Amerisleep not only offers high quality products, but also very affordable ones. The average Amerisleep queen size mattress costs $1,375 compared to Tempurpedic and other brands which the average price for the same size of mattress is about $3,089.

In this battle of two major memory foam players in the mattress world, there’s only one winner and it is clear that Amerisleep outmaneuvers the giant that is Tempurpedic. When it comes to the features, the unique method of manufacturing, the technologies employed, the eco-friendliness, and the pricing, Amerisleep is the clear victor. But of course, your own preferences and other factors could affect your final decision.