The Top Mattresses for Every Kind of Sleeper

We all know sleep is important, but most of us don’t really know why. With sleep, our body recuperates and gets enough time to rest from metabolic functions and other responsibilities. This gives our body a chance to grow and develop. Sleeping can also improve our memory and learning. There are other health benefits, but many of us don’t see it as vital as it should be seen. The fact remains that not getting enough sleep can greatly impact our health as it can lead to several health problems, such as:

– Memory loss

– Lack of concentration

– Depression

– Behavioral changes

There are several factors that lead to sleep deprivation, such as poor diet, bad sleeping habits, stress, and a bad mattress. We all love sinking into our mattress and falling asleep soundly, but our mattress can give us either sleepless nights or restful shuteye. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you wake up every night sweating, or you feel sore when you open your eyes in the morning, all these signal that it’s time to buy a new mattress. A decent mattress can provide support that is crucial for us to have a good and comfortable position to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Mattress shopping can both be a wonderful and disastrous experience. We want to buy the right mattress for our needs and at the same time, get value for our money. There are many things to consider in your quest for the right mattress and one of them is your sleep style or your preferred sleeping position.

What are the Best and Worst Positions for Sleeping?

As mentioned, many health problems arise because of sleep deprivation – even aches and pains can result if you have poor quality of sleep. One example is disc herniation in the spine in which not getting enough sleep is among the major causative factors. A herniated disc is a problem with one of the discs located between the vertebrae that make up the spinal cord. Herniation occurs when the softer disc touches and pushes out of the tougher exterior’s opening.

There are three main sleeping positions and these may have an effect on how you feel when you wake up. It is true that we sleep in different positions throughout the night, but it is also true that we have a favorite. Here are the three sleepy styles and how they can affect our health:

1. Back Sleeping: Our bodies need support, especially for our lower back, neck, and head. Sleeping on your back where you sleep with the arms below or the above the head can give such benefit, especially if you put extra support underneath your knees. This technique can reduce stiffness and discomfort in your lower back.

2. Side Sleeping: Most people prefer this sleep position out of all the three in which you sleep on one side of the body and often there’s a pillow between the legs. It is also said to be the best position, especially for pregnant women. Sometimes though, problems occur, especially around the shoulders and the neck areas. Keep them from potential injury by choosing the right pillow and mattress. Look at your body from the side; make sure that your head is neither too high nor low, so as not to stretch your neck that can lead to discomfort.

3. Stomach Sleeping: Even for medical professionals, stomach sleeping is the worst position where your face is turned to the side. It places great pressure on the upper thoracic and cervical area (the upper part of the spine). Additionally, it also puts extra stress on the muscles of the stomach.

If you wake up with a stiff neck or sore back in the morning, this may be due to your sleep position. You can improve your sleep and how you feel when you wake up with the help of the right mattress.

Mattress for Different Sleep Styles

Your favorite sleep style can lead to varying choices in your new mattress. It is important that your mattress is right for your sleep style and here’s how you can choose correctly:

1. For Side Sleepers

As mentioned, this is the most common sleeping position. When you sleep on your side, you have a very curvy profile, especially when compared to the other positions. Among the most important factors that can affect your choice of mattress is pressure relief. With the right mattress that can reduce pressure points, you don’t end up on the bony or pointy parts of your body, technically known as your bony prominences. Your hips and shoulders are those bony prominences and there are deeper gaps that need to be filled in.

The right mattress helps spread the weight of the sleeper over the mattress. This is essential for side sleepers to relieve pressure, since they require a deep cradle. The gaps of the body are filled in or in other words, the sleeper sinks in into the comfort layers of the mattress. The comfort layers need to be thicker or a little softer than with the other two sleeping positions. You can start with a comfort layer that is about three inches thick. Depending on your weight, your preferences, your body shape, and the firmness of the other layers of the mattress, you can add or subtract inches from the mattress. Ideally, side sleepers will need two to four inches of thickness.

An appropriate comfort layer is required for a side sleeper to avoid pressure points while sleeping at night; otherwise, this can lead to localized redness, soreness, numbness, or restlessness.

What’s a Good Mattress for Side Sleepers?

There are a number of good options for side sleepers, but the one that tops the list is the Amerisleep Liberty. Also known as the Liberty Bed, this mattress from Amerisleep features plant-based memory foam. But that’s not all it features. It is affordable and has received high marks from customers and many online reviews. Amerisleep Liberty has high-quality traits that you usually only see in expensive competitors. Additionally, Amerisleep mattresses have unique environmental benefits.

What You’ll Love about the Amerisleep Liberty Mattress

– It uses excellent quality materials

– It comes with an attractive warranty of 20 years

– You can try it out for 100 days risk-free

– It is very affordable, starting at only $799

– It offers free shipping as well

– It has garnered good reviews

Amerisleep has set itself apart from other mattress companies by using a type of memory foam that is plant-based. Plus, they have had a solid reputation throughout their existence. Amerisleep has very good reviews and very few complaints in contrast to other longstanding brands, such as Tempurpedic and Serta iComfort. This is a testament to the quality of their products. Even though they are compared to the mentioned brands, they remain in the middle of the price spectrum. The mattresses may be luxurious, but you would never have to worry about the price unlike with the other big name brands.

Why is the Liberty Mattress Good for Side Sleepers?

Perhaps the only downside of the Liberty mattress is that it only has one firmness level, which is medium soft. But this makes it easy for you to decide as a side sleeper whether or not it is the right mattress for you. The memory foam mattress comprises of four pounds of plant-based memory foam. It has the Affinity layer for transition and gives plusher support. There’s also a smart fabric cover with fibers that can convert body heat into something more useful. As a result, the sleeper will find the mattress with great contouring, while it stays cool as he or she sleeps.

Because this bed is medium soft, this firmness level is great for people who sleep on their side. While it targets side sleepers, the Amerisleep Liberty mattress is also ideal for those who:

– Want more cushion

– Are back sleepers, especially those who are a little heavy

– Keep changing positions as they sleep

This mattress is not hard, but you can’t complain about it being too soft either.

Amerisleep Liberty Layers

This mattress has a total of three layers under the cover. It is designed using high quality materials all throughout the mattress. Here is a description of every layer:

Cover The cover is Celliant-infused, high stretchable, and breathable accompanied by Greenguard fiber fire barrier.
First Layer The first layer is made up of Bio-Pur memory foam, which is as mentioned plant-based. It will help soothe pressure points. Because it is a high-density layer, it brings buoyancy for the sleeper. This layer uses open-cell construction, which allows the mattress to stay cool and breathable.
Second Layer The Affinity layer works with the plush memory foam on top of it, thereby enhancing support and responsiveness.
Third Layer Finally, there’s the high-density foam base layer, which acts as the core of the mattress. It therefore provides long-lasting support and helps the sleeper achieve proper alignment.

The goal of the Liberty’s design to give enjoyment to the sleeper with the plush memory foam and at the same time, it will still provide support. Although it is medium-soft, you will not sink uncomfortably and deeply into the mattress. It is 12 inches tall and is taller than most of its competitors in the same category. The added thickness gives the mattress more support compression and durability.

Other Things You Need to Know about the Liberty Mattress

Motion Transfer This is almost virtually nonexistent, thanks to the medium density layers that can absorb motion without problems. If you are a light sleeper, you will never have to worry about being disturbed by the movements of your partner.
Contour Because the model is plusher than many memory foam mattresses around, Liberty will readily contour to your body. The good news is that it has a buoyant nature that will keep you from sinking into the mattress completely, making you feel the adequate support.
Support As mentioned, it does have enough support, so you don’t sink all the way into the mattress. Additionally, it also has good edge support mainly due to the quality, durable foam that can keep the edge of the mattress from losing shape and strength. It outperforms many other plush mattresses when it comes to edge support.
Breathability Amerisleep promises that their mattresses are designed for maximum breathability. This way, sleepers will stay comfortable and cool all night. Bio-Pur memory foam uses open cell structure, allowing the air to freely move around the mattress.
Durability Amerisleep estimates that the mattress will remain usable for at least 10 years. Most of its competitors last five years less. The mattress is indeed durable because of the foam density and the specifications of the material.
Off-Gassing The mattress is made through an eco-friendly manufacturing process known as Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF). There are no harsh chemicals used and the foam is created with very low Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs. Amerisleep mattresses don’t use harmful solutions, including formaldehyde, which is why off-gassing is nonexistent.
Celliant Among the most notable features of Amerisleep mattresses is the Celliant-infused cover. Celliant is a mineral-based material designed to take body heat and absorb it to turn it into infrared energy. Celliant has many health benefits, including pain relief and improved circulation. A study even showed that the material helps people sleep faster.

You can use a foundation for the Amerisleep Liberty mattress, but it will work perfectly without it. It will be shipped within seven to 15 days for free. If you don’t think this mattress is for you, there’s a 100-day trial with refunds that are uncomplicated and transparent.

2. For Back Sleepers

When you sleep on your back, you have a curvy profile, but not as curvy as with side sleeping. There’s a gap that should be filled as well (the lumbar area or the small of your back) and you can do that through the comfort layer of the mattress. This particular layer is important for pressure relief. It helps if the top layer is not very thick, so that it will work better. Back sleepers only need a slightly shallow cradle because such gaps aren’t very deep.

Start with a two inch top layer of a softer material and you can increase or decrease from there based on other factors, such as your other preferences and your weight. It is important that the mattress you choose is able to support your lower back. Back sleepers tend to have pain or stiffness when they wake up if their current mattress pushes against their spine. Other times, their hips sinks into the mattress too far and this can cause pain in the morning. Ideally, when it comes to firmness, a medium firm mattress is the best choice for back sleepers.

What’s a Good Mattress for Back Sleepers?

If you’re a back sleeper, we suggest that you take a look at the Alexander Medium Plush from Nest Bedding. The Alexander Signature series is made of gel memory foam and comes in three different firmness levels: Luxury Firm, Medium Plush, and Soft. As mentioned, the Medium Plush version is the ideal mattress for back sleepers from this line.

Why You’ll Love This Mattress

The Alexander Signature mattress is a good option for people who:

– Like foam mattresses

– Don’t want to feel stuck in their mattress

– Hate sleeping hot

– Want various firmness levels

– Want a natural mattress

Although the mattress offers great value, it’s not for people who are on a budget. You can actually find something that’s less expensive, just like Amerisleep Liberty. Additionally, it is not a completely natural mattress. Nest Bedding does focus on using organic materials, but this product of theirs isn’t all-natural, which is why its price is competitive.

Nest Bedding Alexander Layers

Let’s take a look at the layers of this mattress:

Top Layer This layer focuses on cooling and comfort. It’s made of four inches of gel memory foam that is capable of absorbing heat from the body and the sleeping surface. At the same time, it’s designed to provide support as well as pressure relief.
Second Layer Made of one inch visco foam for both support and comfort, this layer provides the mattress its bounce, cooling, and responsiveness.
Third Layer The two inch layer is the transition foam, which gives the mattress more support, particularly for the other foams above. Additionally, this layer serves as deep compression support, making this mattress ideal even for heavier back sleepers.
Fourth Layer The bottom layer is the foundational base of the mattress with four inches of base foam. This layer prevents bottoming out and even enhances the mattress’ edge support.

The medium plush variety has two inches of soft quilted cover. Back sleepers will notice that there is a 1.25 to 1.75 inches of sinkage (for people of average weight). There is a noticeable hug, but you won’t feel stuck because it is not too deep. It also helps that the mattress evenly distributes your weight, so you feel comfortable as well.

Other Things to Know about the Mattress

Aside from the mentioned characteristics, here’s some more information about the Alexander mattress from Nest Bedding:

Off-Gassing One issue about memory foam mattresses is their smell. But Alexander doesn’t have a lot of complaints when it comes to the initial smell. This is because there’s no harsh chemicals used in the mattress. If there’s any smell, it will go away in less than 24 hours.
Certification The Alexander mattress is made with foams that are certified by CertiPUR-US, meaning they have been tested for chemicals. The fire barrier used by Nest Bedding in their mattresses is Hydrated Silica.
Edge Support This mattress comes with good edge support, so you can roll to the edges and you won’t feel that you will fall off the bed.

Some sleepers have complaints about this mattress being too firm for them, even though it is on the medium plush side. Luckily, there are three firmness levels, so you can return the mattress within 101 nights and you can trade it with a more suitable feel. Another issue is motion isolation in which other memory foam mattresses actually perform better. However, if your partner is on the lighter side, you won’t really feel the movements.

3. For Stomach Sleepers

Compared to the two sleeping positions, sleeping on your stomach is the least common. It also has the flattest profile out of all positions. Because of the flat profile, there are fewer gaps to cover and the top comfort layer should be firmer and thinner – especially when compared to the other two positions. Stomach sleepers should avoid overextending their lumbar area or their lower back. Start with just an inch of softer material. What’s important here is there is enough softness to provide cushioning for the bony areas of the sleeper’s pelvis.

Generally, it is ideal for stomach sleepers to go for the thinnest and firmest comfort layers, but at the same time should be comfortable. Sinking in too deep into the mattress can lead to back issues since the sleeper is forced into a swayback position. When you’re used to sleeping on your stomach, you are prone to sinking down too far into your pelvic area.

The most significant concern with stomach sleepers is support, especially for your mid-section and your back. You can wake up with great discomfort just because of a wrong mattress. Make sure the one you buy offers great support, which is why foam mattresses are largely the most recommended type for stomach sleepers. This is because they have consistent support with the layers, along with pressure relief and responsiveness. Hybrid and spring mattresses are also a good choice as long as they offer enough support and contouring hug.

What’s a Good Mattress for Stomach Sleepers?

Here’s another mattress from Amerisleep called the Americana. As usual, this mattress is priced competitively, starting at $749 for Twin size. It has a medium firm feel with a very stylish cover infused with Celliant technology that will keep you comfortable and cool all night.

Amerisleep Americana Layers

The Americana has a 10 inch foam mattress with two layers:

Top Layer This layer is comprised of three inches of Bio-Pur memory foam, which is exclusive to Amerisleep. Bio-Pur is a plant-based type of memory foam, just like with the Liberty mattress. It also has an open cell structure, which improves breathability of the foam. This layer also provides support for the entire mattress.
Bottom Layer This layer has seven inches of high density support foam to provide deep compression support. It’s also the foundational base for the Americana. The bottom layer is also like the top layer as it enables the foam to breathe, while increasing cooling and breathability.

The Americana is a little bit firm, but it is just right for people who sleep on their stomach. You won’t find too much hug from this mattress as well as with the sinkage – it’s just right for you. You will float on top of the mattress, while you still feel comfortable sleeping on it. Additionally, there’s still a pleasant level of shaping and contouring.

Other Things to Know about the Amerisleep Americana

Aside from the mentioned features of this mattress, here are other things that will help you to get to know the Americana:

Cooling This is one of the most notable features of the Americana mattress. The level of cooling is simply impressive because of the improved airflow through the memory foam with open cell structure. Plus, the Celliant cover gives the mattress a sizeable difference for the sleeping surface temperature. Additionally, you’re floating on the mattress, so there won’t be any heat buildup.
Support and Responsiveness Compared to the traditional and cheap types of memory foam, Amerisleep’s Bio-Pur is really responsive. Move and the mattress will move as well, so you don’t feel like you’re stuck. At the same time, it is also excellent with motion isolation, a trait shared by most memory foam mattresses.
Cover This mattress uses a blend of Celliant and polyester for its cover. Celliant is a mineral thread that’s thermoreactive and can absorb heat effectively. The heat, such as your body heat, will be converted into infrared light and this can lead to several health benefits, including improved blood circulation and oxygen levels in the body.
Refunds and Warranty The warranty is 20 years and is fairly simple. You get full replacement within the first 10 years and the last 10 years are prorated. You will also get 100% of your money if you return the mattress within the 100-night trial period. You are, however, responsible for the shipping fee when you return the mattress.

Amerisleep Americana is a really excellent option for people who sleep on their stomach. It has a slightly firm comfort level and has very minimal sinkage and hug. It also does a great job when it comes to pressure relief and it remains cool because of its features combined with its firmness that lets you sleep on top of the mattress.

How to Find the Best Mattress for Your Preferred Sleep Style

Your sleep position is a part of what will determine the kind of mattress you will buy. It will usually dictate the deepness of cradling you need as well as the thickness of the comfort layers. These aspects will tell you the most appropriate support layers. Take note of the layers under the comfort layer of the mattress and make sure that it will provide you with the pressure relief you will need. Of course, your weight as well as the profile of your body will also affect how far you sink into the mattress, so it is important that you choose the mattress carefully.

Remember that there is no one mattress that works for everyone. You can start with the mattresses mentioned above depending on your sleep style. If you sleep on your back, check out the Alexander mattress. If you’re a side sleeper, consider looking into Amerisleep Liberty. Finally, if you’re a stomach sleeper, the Amerisleep Americana may be the right mattress for you.

More Shopping Tips

You will know if it’s time to change your old mattress to a new one if it looks lumpy or saggy, if you wake up tired and achy, and you simply don’t look forward to sleeping in your own bed anymore. Two of the most important functions to look for in a mattress are spinal alignment and pressure relief. But of course, there are other things to consider, including your sleep position, your sensitivities, and other requirements.

If you still find it hard to choose, here are shopping tips that will make the mattress buying experience easier:

1. Compare the mattresses. There are definitely a lot of choices when it comes to buying a new mattress. You will find some that are very economical, while others are too pricey for your taste. But not all of them are priced right, especially the expensive ones since you can actually find most of their features in more affordable mattresses.

2. If you’re going to buy in a store, lie down on the mattress. It is possible that you can lie down on the mattress that you’re planning to buy. It helps that you are wearing loose clothing and very comfortable shoes that you can remove easily. Take your time, at least five to 10 minutes will help you discern whether the mattress is good for you or not. Of course, this will not completely tell you if it should be your new mattress, but it will definitely help you make a good decision.

3. If you’re buying online, understand the return policies and the warranty. Some manufacturers will give you at least 90 days to try out the mattress. Don’t be afraid to buy online because there are now many reputable online mattress products that you can buy. Take note of the return policies though – if you will get 100% of your money back and if you’re going to pay for the shipping among other conditions.

4. Know your own statistics. From your body shape to your weight, you should have clear knowledge about your own body. This will help you determine the softness, thickness, and type of the comfort layer of the mattress you should buy. These pieces of information about your body will also help you choose the type of support materials that should be present in your mattress as well as the construction of the mattress.

Despite everything though, your preferences will always be considered. This is why shopping for a mattress is oftentimes subjective. What’s attractive for you may not be attractive for other people; what’s comfortable for you may be too soft or too firm to others. Take your budget, your likes and dislikes, your body statistics, and of course your sleep style in consideration when looking for a mattress. Combining these key factors will help lead you to the right mattress that will meet your needs.